Digital Marketing without THE headaches!

Introducing BLOX!

Digital Marketing is key to building a successful online business.

From Website Design, Social Media Posting, Paid Advertising and Online Selling. These services fuel growth!

But, each service requires specialist skills so multiple agencies and freelancers are usually needed.

This introduces cost and complexity to your business and focus on the digital marketing strategy is often lost.

We take away all these headaches. Breaking down Digital Marketing into bite-size services called BLOX.

Simply choose which BLOX your business needs each month and we do everything else!


  • Affordable – You choose how many BLOX you need each month as your business determines.

  • Simple – All digital marketing services are managed under one roof! 

  • Flexible – Change BLOX as your business needs new services or focus.

  • Strategy – Every BLOX is a step towards your business and digital marketing goals.

  • Scale –  BLOX are designed for startup and small business but can quickly scale to support your growth!

Social Media blox

Each SOCIAL MEDIA BLOX provides 14 new posts on a social media network each month. This keeps your feed fresh and relevant.

Ad blox

Each AD BLOX is one high performing ad running on a social media network or search engine. This is the most powerful way to grow online.


Need a video, artwork or new design to really stand out online? Use Creative BLOX to keep your content rich and relevant.

CHAT blox

Chat marketing and omnichat are increasingly powerful ways to acquire, educate and interact with customers. We specialise in Manychat design build and support.

tech blox

Website changes, Shopify, Facebook Pixels, don't worry about the details one Tech BLOX will resolve any issue or integration you require.

SMART blox

Have a 1hr zoom consultation with a top level digital marketing / business consultant to guide and advise on your digital marketing strategy.

APP blox

Need more downloads of your app? We provide Apps Search Optimisation (ASO) and implement digital strategies for increasing the uptake of your app.

COPY blox

SEO, Blogs, Sales Copy. Keep the language fresh and relevant to be discovered and keep visitors engaged and returning.

Build your success 1 BLOX at a time

This is a monthly rolling service which you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.






Frequently asked questions

Each Individual BLOX is worth £100 of a digital marketing professionals time.

BLOX are discounted the more you purchase.

For example with the GROWTH package you get 5 BLOX each month discounted from £100 to £50 each!  That is the equivalent to £500 of services for just £250

With this service you might chose to have : 2 Social Media BLOX (giving 28 social media posts).  2 AD BLOX running two social media Ads (one on Facebook and one on Instagram) and 1 Smart BLOX for a 1 hour consultancy call.

Each month using your online tool you decide what services you want.  If you have a project that requires more than 1 BLOX you can add BLOX together to complete larger projects.

When you submit your changes the number of BLOX you will need are calculated, so you can plan your resources accordingly.

Social Proof Media with is an established digital marketing agency in the UK.  Founded by Nik Maguire a digital marketing veteran and No.1 Bestselling Digital Marketing Author.  Their team is highly skilled and have worked with some of the worlds leading brands such as Deliveroo, Odeon Cinemas, O2 and Chelsea FC.  The majority of BLOX customers are individuals or small to medium businesses.  

Social Proof Media is a BARK Elite Pro Member and a certificate of Excellence winner 2019 and 2020!

Yes, every month you have to option to add or remove BLOX or to change which BLOX you need. 

For example you  may want a new Shopify site building and allocate all of your BLOX that month to that project.

Then the following month you might want to focus on AD BLOX to send traffic to your site.

BLOX are totally flexible and you use the simple online management calendar to allocate the BLOX to the areas you need.

NO, If you have not allocated a BLOX it does not roll over to the following month.

If you make no changes then the services continues to run.  This is ideal for Social Media or Paid ads where you don’t have to worry about posts going out, it is all done for you automatically.

Each Ad BLOX is for the creation, setup and management of one ad. This doesn’t include the Ad-spend with the network.  You pay this directly to the network. We will advise you on how much to spend based on the results and strategy.  

If your question is not answered here then send us an email here

Our clients say

"Fantastic services! We use a variety of solutions from email marketing, social media advertising and content creation"
Daffyd Evans
MD Shufl UK
"We used their services to launch my online course, following their strategy they eclipsed all our targets and expectations!"
Lea Pica
"We a launched a brand new product on Shopify and social media. The team did everything for us!"
Richard Dillon
"I don't like technology, the guys were brilliant at launching my product using Ads to get me a steady flow of new customers"
Amanda Linekar

Build your success 1 BLOX at a time






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